Helpful Info (Mac)

Drop Shipping
Use Rumpus "Drop Shipping" to easily send large files to anyone, anywhere on the Internet.
Event Notices
Get notified via e-mail or trigger other actions when users upload or download files, or when a variety of other events occur.
Frequently asked questions, answered.
Folder Sets
Assigning unique privileges to individual folders.
FTP Technical Overview
For those who want to understand the details of how FTP works, and how your network needs to be configured to allow users to reliably connect.
The Rumpus End User License Agreement.
Managing User Accounts
User accounts are generally the most critical setup item administrators face. Understand how to manage them effectively.
Managing Your Server Via Web Browser
This article discusses how you, and other sub-administrators, can manage user accounts from within the Web File Manager.
Monitoring Usage
Keep tabs on what is going on with your server.
Open Directory
Use Open Directory to authenticate user logins.
Port Forwarding
Configuring your network to support a server is often the most difficult step in setting up a Rumpus server. Here's what needs to happen to make sure outside users can connect.
Quick Start
A good first read for new Rumpus administrators.
Remote Administration
How to administer your server from your desktop Mac, or via Web browser from anywhere on the 'net.
Secure Transfers
Learn how to enable HTTPS, FTPS, and SFTP to allow users to connect and transfer data securely.
Server Security
An overview of tips and suggestions for maintaining a secure server.
Upgrading Rumpus to a new version is easy, but a few simple precautions can ensure that upgrades go smoothly.
Upload Center Forms
Need to collect information from users along with file uploads? Upload Center Forms can be created to do just that.
Virus Scanning
Virus scanning is not built into Rumpus, but third party scanners can be invoked when new files are uploaded to your server.
Web File Manager
This article covers a range of topics related to using the Rumpus Web interface.
Web User Account Management
Learn how to manage user accounts from within the Rumpus Web interface.
Rumpus supports FTP, HTTP, FTP, FTPS, SFTP and WebDAV, a protocol that is useful for mobile users, in particular.
What's New
Review the change history of Rumpus.

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