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Rumpus Version 9.0

Rumpus 9.0 offers major updates both in the underlying server implementations and in feature set. Modern security and client compatibility updates keep Rumpus servers safe and reliable, and features like the administration console and Let's Encrypt support simplify and expand the capabilities of regular server management.

Upgrading & License Check

Customers who originally purchased Rumpus 8.2 receive a free upgrade to Rumpus 9.0. For those who originally purchased Rumpus 8.1 or earlier (before February 2019), a paid upgrade is available.

Please enter your existing Rumpus serial number to determine if your license qualifies for a free upgrade or if a paid upgrade is required. You can find your serial number on the "About Rumpus" box (Mac) or by checking the Network Settings window, Validation tab (Windows).

Rumpus Serial Number:

Your upgrade path can most easily be determined using your Rumpus serial number. All serial numbers begin either "RP-", (Rumpus Standard for Mac), "RW-", (Rumpus Standard for Win), "RR-" (Rumpus Pro for Mac) or "RX-" (Rumpus Pro for Win). Your serial number is included in your original registration e-mail. In Rumpus for Mac it is displayed on the "About Rumpus" box in the Rumpus application. In Rumpus for Windows, your serial number is displayed on the Network Settings window, Validation tab.

Other Upgrade Questions

For information about upgrading from Rumpus Standard to Rumpus Pro, or if you have any other upgrade questions, send an e-mail to "". Please include your product serial number so that we can look up your account information and answer your question promptly.

Version 9.0 New Features Video
Rumpus 9.0 Update Overview

Updated Foundation

Security and cryptographic libraries and protocols have been updated to current modern releases. This includes updating LibSSH to 0.9.X and OpenSSL to 1.1.1x, as well as corresponding updates to Rumpus functions and uses of these libraries.

User Account Self-Registration

Rumpus' User Account Self Registration feature allows users to connect via Web browser and gain basic access to the server without an administrator having to create a user account for them. In other words, the feature allows you to send people to your server and automatically obtain a user account for uploading, downloading and managing files.

Let's Encrypt Support

Rumpus now includes the ability to directly interface with Let's Encrypt, a free, automated, and open certificate authority brought to you by the nonprofit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). The new function allows administrators to obtain a trusted certificate at no cost, and with relative ease.

Cookie Consent Request

For servers that accept data from clients in the European Union, Rumpus now supports a simple and configurable cookie consent function, satisfying the GDPR ePrivacy directive.

Administrative Console

The new Admin Console provides a deeper, more functional look at your server. A "Processes" view displays the number of sessions and/or active connections for each individual service, as well as peak usage statistics administrators can use to optimize server setup. A new "SpamBots" view shows auto-detected flagged access attempts and streamlines IP-based service bans for easier and better performance and security management.

Web File Manager Updates

We have continued to make improvements in the Web File Manager, both behind the scenes (often HTTP protocol updates to improve security and browser compatibility) and in the user interface.

Rumpus 9.0 No Cost Upgrade

Your Rumpus license is up to date and qualifies for a no-cost update to Rumpus 9.0. Simply download the Rumpus package and apply the update. A server backup, especially the Rumpus configuration folder, is strongly recommended. For details, see the Upgrading for Mac or Upgrading for Windows help articles.

Upgrade License Ordering

Your original Rumpus license was purchased prior to Rumpus version 8.2 (February, 2019), so you have the option of purchasing the upgrade to Rumpus 9.0.

Server OS:
Description:Rumpus Standard for MacOS, 1 Server
Price:$295.00 USD

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