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Rumpus Tether

Welcome to Tether, a client application designed to improve the workflow of people in organizations that have deployed Rumpus file transfer servers.

Rumpus servers allow outside users to connect via standard FTP clients, Web browsers, WebDAV, SFTP and other standard Internet applications. Tether, on the other hand, is a client application designed specifically for people who need access to content on the Rumpus server on a regular basis. Administrators can install Tether on computers within an organization to make it easy to access user content folders, view recently transferred files, manage drop shipments, and more. Essentially, Tether is designed to be run by people within an organization that runs a Rumpus server, while "external users" use standard Web browsers or Internet standard file transfer clients.


Tether is licensed by the number of concurrent connections supported by the server. In other words, the number of Tether clients you need to support at any one time is the number of licenses you will require.

Rumpus Standard includes the ability to have 1 Tether client active at any time, while Rumpus Pro automatically supports up to 5 simultaneous Tether users.

Additional licenses may be purchased in packs of 5 ($95 US) or 25 ($295 US). Tether licenses are cumulative, so, for example, to allow an additional 30 simultaneous Tether users, you would order a 25 pack license and a 5 pack license. Both would then be applied on the server to incrementally add client capacity.

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