Rumpus documentation is broken up into two primary resources. First, for details about each setting and feature found within the Rumpus application, see the help pages built into the Rumpus application itself. In addition, a series of "How To" articles describing a variety of topics are also available. These articles can be found in the "Helpful Info" folder of the Rumpus package, and are linked below as well.

Quick Start

Rumpus "Read Me" information on getting started quickly.


Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Rumpus.

What's New

Details on changes in recent software releases.

FTP Technical Overview

A general discussion of FTP and networking fundamentals

Web File Manager

Complete information on Rumpus' built-in Web file transfer server.

Rumpus FileWatch

Use a desktop application to monitor activity and view recent file transfers.

Upload Center Forms

Display forms to prompt users for information along with file uploads.


Learn how to enable the Rumpus WebDAV service and connect from Mac or PC clients.

Firewall Setup

A guide to using the OS X Firewall to improve server security.

Managing User Accounts

How to provide individualized access to your Rumpus server.

Server Security

Tips for maintaining a secure Rumpus file transfer server

Event Notices

Information about events that can be triggered when files are uploaded or downloaded.

Monitoring Usage

Review current and past server activity in detail.

Remote Administration

Using the Rumpus application to remotely manage a Rumpus server.

Web User Account Management

How to manage user accounts using the Web-based administration interface.

Secure Transfers

Details about how to secure transfers via FTPS and HTTPS.

Open Directory

Authenticate users with your existing Open Directory database.

Virus Scanning

Describes how to use a 3rd party virus scanner to verify uploaded files.


For users of older versions of Rumpus upgrading to the current release.

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