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Maxum offers free, unlimited technical support on our products. In fact, we realize that when you are first working with Rumpus is when you are most likely to have questions, so you don't even need to have purchased Rumpus to reach technical support.

As a small company, we can't guarantee that there will always be someone available to take your phone call, so we don't offer telephone support. Instead, we provide premium e-mail and Web-based support. When using this system, you will receive prompt replies from a knowledgeable person, often in less time than you would wait on hold when calling the call center farm of some big software companies.

To ensure we have the information we need to help you, please complete the form below to send questions. Technical support questions will normally be answered via e-mail, so be certain to enter your return e-mail address carefully. If your mail account is filtered, be sure you can accept mail from "" so that our response will be delivered promptly. When the situation dictates it, we may respond with a phone call. If you prefer to be contacted by e-mail only, you may leave the phone number blank.

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