Premium Support Contracts

At Maxum, we are proud to offer support and upgrade policies that are far more customer focused than those offered by the software industry in general. We do our best to provide concise and knowledgable answers to every customer question, and offer reasonably priced, flexible upgrade options. For those organizations that require the utmost in security, support timeliness and fixed support costs, we are also pleased to offer an annual premium support plan.

Our premium support plan is available to Rumpus Professional license holders, and offers these benefits:

Priority, unlimited support via e-mail

Upgrades to all Rumpus releases and updates at no additional cost

Regular annual billing

The Premium Support cost is $200 for one Rumpus Pro server, plus $150 for each additional server run by your organization. As noted above, Premium Support contracts include all maintenance and feature upgrades released while the contract is active at no additional cost.

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