About Maxum

Maxum Development was among the first commercial companies that laid the groundwork for the modern Internet. In 1994, our first products, NetCloak and NetForms, made Web sites dynamic and interactive at a time when the Web was a collection of static HTML pages. With Rumpus, we continue to innovate, but also focus on providing practical solutions and the premium support our clients have come to expect.

Solid Software Since 1994

Maxum Development was the first company to release commercial Internet server tools for the Mac OS, back in 1994. And we are still here to provide answers to technical questions about our first products (NetCloak and NetForms), protecting the investment our customers made two decades ago. By continuing to enhance and expand Rumpus, we plan to remain a solid company you can rely on to preserve your investment in the future.

Technical Support

One of the core beliefs we at Maxum hold is that when you purchase a software product, you are entitled to the resources needed to put the solution to work. So, we offer free, unlimited technical support for 1 full year after your license purchase, so that you can be assured to get the answers you need to get the most out of Rumpus. And there are no "level 1" support call centers here: We guarantee that your question will always be answered by a knowledgable engineer that is extremely well-versed in Rumpus and Internet technologies in general.

Reasonable Upgrades

We also believe that software upgrade costs should be reasonable, so Maxum offers a "1 year of free upgrades" policy on every package we sell. This means that any update that ships within one year from the time you purchase Rumpus is guaranteed to be free. In addition, you can upgrade at any time, regardless of when you made your original purchase. For example, someone that purchased Rumpus 1.0 back in 1997 is entitled to upgrade to the latest release, just like anyone else. We just don't believe in locking customers into an endless cycle of mandatory upgrades.

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