Selecting Multiple Files For Upload

Modern Web browsers, including the latest versions of Safari, FireFox and Chrome, include the ability to select multiple files for upload in a single action. This is a big time saver for end-users, and in many cases eliminates the need to use the Rumpus Drag & Drop Uploader applet, which can cause browser delays, trust warnings, and compatibility issues.

Using the traditional method of uploading several files, users were required to select each file individually.

Using the modern multi-file selection option, a single "Choose Files" button is used to select as many files as the end user would like to upload from the same folder.

A single shift-click is used to select an entire range of files, or even every file in a folder.

Or users can command-click (control-click for Windows users) to select multiple files that are not in sequence.

Rumpus will automatically send the multi-file selection form to browsers that support it, and the older style form to older browsers that lack the capability. The option is enabled on the "Uploads" tab of the "Web Settings" window in Rumpus 7.1.3 and later.

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