Rumpus is now available for Windows!

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Rumpus was originally launched for MacOS back in 1997, and pretty much from the beginning, we've been asked, "Is there a Windows version?" Finally, the answer is, "Yes!"

With a 15+ year history, it's no surprise that many of the support materials you'll find on our Web site are Mac-centric, but the Windows version of Rumpus includes the same great FTP and Web server client interfaces and every major feature of the Mac version (with the exception of WebDAV, but stay tuned on that one, too). And Rumpus for Windows benefits from being built from the same stable, mature server engine as Rumpus for Mac.

To get started, select "Download Rumpus", above, and choose "Windows" as the "Server OS".

System Requirements

Rumpus requires Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. It will also run on Windows Server 2003 or later. Of course, a functioning Internet connection, which allows outside clients to be routed to your server, is also necessary. Memory and hard drive requirements depend on usage, but are generally low, provided adequate disk space exists for the content you wish to store on your server.

Also required are 2 Microsoft DLLs: the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Library and the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 service pack 1. Both of these DLLs come pre-installed on most modern PCs, and they can be applied to older computers using the links below.

.Net 3.5 SP 1                              Visual C++ 2008 Library

Rumpus Folder

All Rumpus-related files are stored in "C:\Rumpus\". The Rumpus control application and uninstaller can be found in that folder, along with the Rumpus config folder and, by default, the FTP content folder "FTPRoot".

Server Setup

The biggest difference between Rumpus for Mac and Rumpus for Windows is the control application. For Windows, we have moved to a primarily Web-based administration system, allowing you to manage your server from anywhere. A few fundamental setup options can be found on the "Settings" window in the Rumpus for Windows control application, but most server configuration is now performed by Web browser. Log into the Rumpus Web interface and click "Server Setup" to adjust network settings, user accounts, display options, etc.

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