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Privacy & Cookies
Short Version does not share, log or record your personal information. We don't track you. We don't profile you.
Longer Version does not use cookies for user tracking, doesn't share any information whatsoever with 3rd parties, and does not use logins or outside mechanisms to identify, track, or profile site visitors. However, there are three forms on this Web site that do ask for personal information.
Support Form
The Technical Support Request form on this site asks users for personal contact information and details about the problem or issue at hand. This information is not stored or recorded on the server, nor is it transmitted to any 3rd party. The information supplied by the user is sent via e-mail to both Maxum Technical Support and the e-mail address provided, so that we can review and answer submitted questions. The e-mailed request is the only mechanism in which the supplied information is used.
License Purchases
When users purchase a software license from Maxum, basic information about the purchaser is required in order to complete the order and issue the license. This information includes credit card details which are used by our secure payment processing service ("Authorize.Net") to complete the transaction, but are not transmitted back to Maxum or any other party. Purchaser information, such as purchaser name, address, and other contact details are used to process the order and issue the license. This information is stored in a stand-alone, non-networked sales database. The purchaser contact e-mail address is used for transmission of the license and occasionally in new product update e-mails. (These news e-mails are never sent more than once each quarter, sent only to registered license holders, and can be easily opted out of.) The sales information is never sold or otherwise shared with any Maxum partner or 3rd party, and is used exclusively to contact license holders with their license registration and relevant product information about Rumpus.
Premium Support Contracts
When a premium support contract is processed, all of the same data handling and privacy procedures are applied as with a regular license purchase described above, except that Maxum does retain the purchaser credit card information in our secure sales database. This is done so that recurring charges can be applied annually according to the premium support agreement.