John's Blog: The Early Days

April 2, 2014

Later this year, Maxum will celebrate it's 20th anniversary as an Interner server software company. (Maxum's first product, NetCloak, came out in November 1994.) Feeling nostalgic, I pulled out some of our old materials, and came across the original Rumpus info sheet and ad.



Click either image for a larger view.


The first listed feature proudly states that Rumpus supports "both Open Transport and MacTCP!". If you remember Mac OS 6 or 7, you know that was a big deal back then, but both of those technologies have been long gone for years now. And if BinHex and MacBinary haven't been officially ruled dead by the coroner, they're certainly terminal. The Rumpus Web File Manager isn't mentioned at all because, of course, it didn't exist. Rumpus was strictly a standard FTP server. Technology does move on...

A few things have stayed the same. We still have the "free one year of upgrades" policy, and the "Server Statistics" box in the "Monitor" screen shot looks frighteningly familiar. It's still there, almost untouched, in Rumpus 8.

Anyway, the sheet made me smile. Maybe it will for one or two of you other old-timers, too.

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