John's Blog: Mavericks

October 24, 2013

To answer the most pressing question... Yes, Rumpus 7.2.15 is compatible and will run fine on OS X 10.9, Mavericks.

We have tested all of the major functions of Rumpus running on Mavericks, and have found no problems at all. We've also had no problem reports (other than the easily-resolved issue described below) from any Rumpus administrator who has performed the Mavericks update. Of course, if you do have any trouble after updating your server to Mavericks, please contact us at

Rumpus 7.2.15 or later is required...

When new versions of OS X are released, we don't go back and formally test old versions of Rumpus for compatibility. No changes were needed to make Rumpus 7.2.15 run properly on Mavericks, so it's likely that older releases of Rumpus 7.2, and possibly 7.1, will work fine. However, I can't be sure of that, and updating to the officially supported version that has been confirmed for use on Mavericks is a good idea.

Post update "failure to launch" problems...

Also, some users have reported problems launching Rumpus after completing the Mavericks upgrade, with system messages prompting for an administration password and other problems. (This has to do with how the system validates applications and accepts Maxum's code signing certificate.) The easy solution is to download a fresh Rumpus package from the downloads page on our Web site, replace your existing Rumpus application with the new one, and launch. If you are running any version of Rumpus before the version downloaded, you'll be prompted to update the server, which you should do normally.

Go to the Maxum "Downloads" page.

The update process is generally very simple and takes only a few seconds, but for complete details, see the "Upgrading" article in the Rumpus package downloaded from the Maxum Web site.

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