John's Blog: Rumpus 7.2.12

April 19, 2013

Rumpus 7.2.12 is now available:

This is purely a maintenance release, with no significant new features, but it does correct a number of issues that could commonly affect many Rumpus servers. It's a highly recommended update for all Rumpus 7.2 users.

Rumpus 7.2.12:

  • When the Rumpus control application is run remotely, the "Web Settings" window "Open WFM In Web Browser" function now opens the WFM using the remote server address, rather than the local host address.

  • A problem drop shipping files that already exist on the server and that have percent signs in the filename has been corrected.

  • Added a config file option ("AdminHomeFolderFromDefault YES") that causes Rumpus to create new user account home folders in the default user account home folder, rather than the administrator's home folder, when using the Web admin account management function.

  • Special characters (such as "&", "#", etc.) can now be used in drop ship pickup passwords.

  • In the Web File Manager, when the content wrapper page is used to display a video file, and the file exists in the content area (meaning that for drop shipped files, the drop ship link was sent for a file that already exists on the server), Rumpus will now automatically scale playback to the native size of the video.

  • Corrected a problem completing drop box uploads when Rumpus is configured to allow or deny specified file types.

  • Fixed a bug that interfered with multi-file downloads when drop ship upload center forms are used.

  • Corrected a problem that could cause the drop ship "downloaded" count to be reset to 0.

  • Sub-administrators with a home folder of "root" can now view and manage user accounts with "root" home folders.

  • When zip archives are created, a minor bug that caused the zip utility to issue a warning has been corrected, and before a drop ship temporary folder is deleted, a check confirms that it is within the drop files folder.

  • Corrected a bug which, in rare cases, could cause WFM end user messages to fail to be displayed.

  • The Web administration "create user" function now allows special characters in user account passwords.

  • A problem processing returns in "Upload Complete" messages has been corrected.

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