John's Blog: Rumpus 7.2.5

August 10, 2012

New features normally have to wait for a major release, but for version 7.2.5, a few relatively small but very handy new options have been added to Rumpus.

Drop Shipping

For drop shipped content that already exists on the server, users can now drop ship entire folders or a set of selected files. When the "Include Multiple File Actions" option is enabled, users can select several files and click one button to have the selected files zipped into an archive and sent with a single drop ship link. Also, the "select all/deselect all" button has been moved to the file listing title bar, where it should have been all along.

Password Management

Two new buttons have been added to the Define Users window. The first makes the user password visible, so the administrator can see user passwords if needed. The second button is an automatic password generator. Passwords created using the new function will always be 8 characters long and be made up of a mix of upper and lowercase numbers and letters. The capital letter "O" is never used, to avoid confusion with the number zero, and the lowercase "l" and uppercase "I" are also not used to avoid confusion with the number one. In short, when reading a password to an end user, if a character looks like a number, it is a number.

Setup Assistant

For new users, the connection instructions have been revised to be more clear and helpful. A button has been added to the "Get Connected" sheet that will open a Web browser to the Rumpus login page, making it a little easier to get started with Rumpus.

Note that since these new features effect the Rumpus control application and Web interface, you'll want to download the full Rumpus 7.2.5 package from the Maxum Web site, rather than rely on the built-in daemon update function.

As always, send an e-mail to "" if you have any trouble at all.

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