Customer Comments

I just want to say thank you for this great product Rumpus. I've finalized a very big project with gigabytes of file transfers and many thousands of pictures and PDFs. Rumpus is really perfect for my needs. Thumbnail image previews and the search function are awesome. Rumplet is, too.

  Volker Müller
Ruth Printmedien
Braunschweig, Germany

We have been using Rumpus for years now and it's a great app. The drag and drop file upload and drop ship features are very, very good and are just what the users here have been asking for. Rumpus is simple, does just what you need and works reliably. Keep up the good work!

  Tom Coffee
Evesham, UK

"Wow, great software plus outstanding and speedy customer support. I have absolutely no knowledge of ftp software and was able to set up your software for three different websites we have. Originally, I tried getting someone on Guru to do this for me, but wasn't having much luck."

"Thanks again. I'm so happy I found your software."

  Ann O'Brien
Integrated Concepts Group, Inc.
Madison Heights, MI

"Rumpus is the best software I have ever used, and I don't just mean server software, I mean the best of any software I've ever used. The same goes for your awesome support, better than anyone else. Keep doing what you're doing. On a scale of 1 to 5 stars I give you 10."

  David C. Haas
Artworx Lithographic, LLC
Norwalk, CT

"By the way, you have a great piece of software here. I work for a commercial printer and set up your FTP software for our clients to upload jobs to us. Many of them aren't well-versed in file transfer, but no one has any problems getting files to us using the web browser interface. Rumpus makes us much more accessible to our customers."

  Jeff Fusco
Independent Graphics, Inc.
Pittston, PA

"Thank you for your prompt and concise response. You've made this aspect of my day gloriously easy."

  Joshua Cottingham
The Icon
Los Angeles, CA

"Rumpus is in my opinion the single best piece of software available for the Mac and the support has always been outstanding on the rare occassion I've needed it."

"Our clients and suppliers absolutely love it and are amazed by the WFM. I've had many enquiries by client IT managers about how it works and if there is a PC version available. I love the fact that Windows users have to miss out on this amazing piece of kit! And my adminstrators love its simplicity."

  Martyn Pot
Spinifex Group

"I have been using Rumpus for about a year now and it has been rock solid. Your support and product has been excellent!"

  Jay Larsen
MerchantWorks, Inc.

"Thanks for the quick response!"

"Rumpus is a GREAT app. I've been using it for years now and have been recommending it to clients and my employers."

  Rocco Russo
Baron & Baron, Inc.

"I just wanted to take a second and tell you how pleased we are with Rumpus. We've been using it now for 3 or 4 months, and I honestly forget that it's even there, silently doing its job without a hiccup. I love the interface - everything is logical and intuitive. It has performed very well for us, and I couldn't be happier with it. Great work - great product."

  Danny Hall
20/10 Design and Marketing, Inc.
West Chester, PA

"Of all the software I have EVER used, Rumpus is at the very top of the list for ease of use and thoughtful design. It really is a pleasure to use."

  Bob Parks
KidSource OnLine

"Rumpus, my best investment ever!"

  Christer Karlsson
IS Manager
Fälth & Hässler

"We bought Rumpus becuase it was Macintosh and it had almost everthing I wished for in terms of FTP. But one big problem remained, the education of our customers in using an FTP client. It may sound basic but a lot of customers only know how to use a Web browser, and in most cases that means Internet Explorer (which in itself still caught us with the problem of educating our customers in how to upload a file). The Rumpus WMF solved our problem perfectly. Now all we need to do is tell to our customers to click the link on our website. And since the WMF sends us an e-mail when something is uploaded (just as it is configured for our FTP site) and still keeps track of individual folders and permissions, it's even better. Nice, easy and works like a dream."

  Ulf Svensson
Technical Manager
AB Centraltryckeriet, Linkoping, Sweden

"So far, this has been a wonderful, good old days kind of software experience. Easy to use interface, and outstanding documentation!"

  Lloyd Lorenz
OEC Graphics I.T., Inc.
Appleton, WI

"We recently purchased Rumpus ... and you should know that I have never been so happy with a non-living thing in all my life."

  Geoff Coffey
Vice President of Engineering
New Perspective Software, Inc.

"Not only do you make a great product, but your technical support is simply OUTSTANDING. I wish other companies were as good as you guys are."

  Kevin Klimek
Independent Studios

"Thank you."

"You guys have great support--timely, accurate and helpful. Keep up the good work."

  Jack Wilson
Motheral Printing Co.

"We were looking to add a web front-end to our FTP site. With Rumpus, I was able to get one running in minutes. Too cool. Plus, now we have a 'single-click' option for the most challenged users!"

  Kevin Poole
becker&mayer! Books

"I just wanted to say thank-you to your entire team! Your product was a life saver at a time when we were ready to give up on Apple hardware and server software for FTP services. Rumpus is a plug and play dream and has eliminated a number of headaches we faced with the native FTP in OSX server. In addition your support has been top notch and is aligned with our corporate belief system about how to service and deal with clients... Thumbs up and we look forward to a long standing business relationship with Maxum Development."

  Ferrell Beleshko
Terra Software Corporation

"Out of all the webserving sofware I have used, Rumpus has always been one of my favorites, easy to setup and configure, great feature set and rock solid. The new WFM feature for serving files via a Web browser is outstanding. It has eliminated all of the 'What's FTP?' and 'What's an FTP client?' support calls. With the WFM feature, I just send them an email with the URL to the server and some simple login directions. That's it. My clients are happy, and I have more time to do other things.

Keep up the GREAT work Maxum."

  John Readwin

"I just wanted to tell you that for almost 6 years we have been using your product and it is rock solid! In 2001 we replaced a Windows NT server with a G4 running Rumpus and all the comments from the customers were, 'Wow! What kind of ftp server are you using? It is so fast and easy to use!'"

"Anyway keep up the good work and long live Rumpus!"

  Simon Gauvin
Information Technology Director

"We here at John Roberts have been using Rumpus since 1998. I can't begin to describe how awesome it is to have a product just flat out perform like it should."

"Thanks for the great product. The Web File manager has been a great tool for getting 1st time FTP users to download and upload."

  Andrew Gitzen
John Roberts Printing

"Again, thank you *so* much for all the help you and your products have given me and my web site!"

  Kevin Justie
Ass't. Director, Head of Technical and Automated Services
Morton Grove Public Library

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