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Every once in a while, someone asks a question that deserves a little extra attention. When that happens, we like to take the opportunity to take a deeper dive and share the detailed answer with everyone. Welcome to the support solutions blog, where you'll find articles that go into detail about how a Rumpus server works, describe cool new Rumpus features, and discuss general issues related to running an Internet file server.
Let's Encrypt Certs For Windows
Download the Rumpus 9.0 package with built-in Let's Encrypt certificate management.
Using Office365 SMTP
Step by step details for sending mail from Rumpus using Office365.
Addressing Potential Vulnerabilities
When security scanners detect potential vulnerabilities in your Rumpus server, here are the first steps to take.
Using Gmail SMTP
Sending mail from Rumpus using the most popular mail service on the planet...
Updating An Old Mac's Root Certificate
Older Macs need to learn to trust modern Let's Encrypt certificates. Here's how to set it up.
Let's Encrypt Details
Rumpus can automatically generate Let's Encrypt certificates, but the process behind the scenes isn't so simple.
Public Content
Rumpus can make simple logos and images, PDFs, and other public content easily accessible.
Security Scan Warnings
If your server is audited by an automated security scanner, you may have some warnings to address...
Google Chrome Password Warning
When one of your Google Crome users is reporting a warning about a potential security breach, here's how to address it.
The Importance Of Upgrades
Question: My existing Rumpus server has been stable for years. Do I really need to upgrade?
Old Rumpus, New OS
A new Operating System update is available. Is my older Rumpus version compatible?
Rumpus As A General Purpose Web Server
If you need to publish a simple Web site, your existing Rumpus server can do the job.
Controlling Search Engines
A Rumpus 'FTP' server is also a Web server, so search engines may access your server. Here's how you can control them.
Secure Mail Failure
In Rumpus 8.1.7 and later, why is Rumpus unable to send mail securely via my SMTP server?
SSL/TLS Security Level
For those who crave details, here's how the 'SSL/TLS Security Level' feature works.
Re-Installing Rumpus on Windows
Need to re-install Rumpus on your Windows server? Here's how...
Displaying Video
Rumpus may send videos to clients, but it's the client that displays them. So optimizing playback is a little complicated...
Storing Passwords Using Strong Encryption
Storing passwords with strong encryption is a powerful, and very clever, tool for security conscious administrators.
Re-Installing Rumpus on OS X
Need to re-install Rumpus on your Mac server? Here's how...
Reporting Rumpus For Windows Crash Problems
All non-trivial software has bugs, and Rumpus is no exception. Here's what you can do to get a quick resolution when crashes occur...
Managing Multiple Certificates In Rumpus
When you are waiting for a certificate, and need to use a self-signed or older cert in the mean time...
Rumpus Thumbnail Folders
What is the 'Rumpus_Thumbs' folder, and how can I make it go away?
User-Specific Mail Delivery
When Rumpus needs to send mail on behalf of your users, a little tweak can make your SMTP server much happier...
Multi-File Download Limits
WFM users can download many files at once, which is a great feature. But practical limits need to be enforced...
File Expiration
Rumpus can automatically delete uploaded files after a set period of time. Here's how to set it up.
Sharing User Accounts
Finding a balance between convenience and security should never include people sharing user accounts...
The "Shellshock" Vulnerability
Is Rumpus effected by the 'Shellshock' bug?
Connection Errors
Taking a look at connection errors in your log files...
Event Notices Primer
Here's an overview of having Rumpus send an e-mail message when users upload or download files.
OS X and SSL Vulnerabilities
I saw a security bulletin about OpenSSL. Is Rumpus vulnerable?
Moving To Windows
Here's how to move an existing Rumpus server running on OS X to Windows...
Simultaneous Connections
Making sure you can provide reliable service for all users means optimizing the number of connections you allow...
Display-Only Video Files
Using content wrappers and kiosk mode to allow users to view, but not save, videos on your Rumpus server...
Event Notices Via Notification Center
A short AppleScript can be used to set up an Event Notice that will send messages to your iPhone or Mac...
File Posted Notices
There is a little-known feature of Rumpus that can make it a lot easier to notify people when new files are posted to the server...
For The Curious: Rumpus Version Numbers
The next significant release of Rumpus will be called "Version 8" for a reason...
Addressing Event Notices
Making sure Rumpus event notices get sent to the right people.
Secure Connections Only
Allowing users to connect to your Rumpus server using only secure services.
The Rumpus Drop Box
The new drop box feature lacks documentation. Here's what it does and how it works...
Moving Your Server To A New Mac
How to move a Rumpus server to a new Mac is a really common question, so here's my best answer.
File Pickup Links
How to include a file download link in Rumpus Event Notice e-mail messages.
SSL Certificates
How to make sure the process of obtaining a signed SSL certificate goes smoothly.
Forgotten Passwords
Inevitably, end-users will forget passwords. Here are a few tips for what you can do when it happens.
Broken Transfers
Occasional file transfer failures are a fact of life, but if your server seems unreliable, here are some possible causes.
Blocked Clients & Server Security
Protecting your server from spambots, dealing with problem proxies and routers, and the #1 security mistake made by admins.
The "Extra" Function
Improve your workflow with this often-overlooked feature of Rumpus.
User Access
Controlling who has access to what content starts with setting up a logical folder hierarchy...
File Modification Dates
When a file is transferred, why is the file's "last modified" date changed?
Multi-File Selection
Making it as quick and easy as possible for clients to select many files at one for upload...